The Black Book

Character Generation application for Pelgrane Press's GUMSHOE games

This project was originally created by one Graham Walmsley who established the original database structure, the XML and much of the javascript and php that powers the site. When I took over, it covered the 3 core games published by Pelgrane Press - Trail of Cthulhu, Esoterrorists and Fear Itself. It now also covers Ashen Stars, Bookhounds of London, Apocalypse Machine and Night's Black Agents. One game left and it'll do the full set - for the moment. Work is in progress on the final system and a suite of GM tools.

Since I took over the site it has had a visual and structural overhaul, separating the JavaScript into a more logical file strucutre, building in the Twitter Bootstrap framework and improving the overall look of the site.

As I come across new technologies that would enhance the site, they are being incorporated, along with feedback from the site's users and owners.